Kickstart your Journey At Lincoln University

In order to Apply to Lincoln University, Please create an account to access the Application Dashboard.

Spring 2024 Application deadline

International Students: November 24, 2023  |  U.S.A. students: January 8, 2024

A step-By-Step Guide to Apply to Lincoln University

Please follow the following steps (1-9) to fill in the application and apply to Lincoln University.

Step 1
Create Account
Create Account

In order to apply to Lincoln University, Please create an account by clicking on the create account button or Navigation menu. An email notifications for activation of your account will be sent to the email address registered. 

Step 2
Log in to the Portal
Log In

Log in to the portal with the username or email address that you have created. In case you forgot your password, please hit forgot password and a password reset link will be sent to the email address registered.

Step 3
Access the Application Dashboard
Open Application Dashboard

The Application dashboard allows you to start a new application or continue saved application.

Simply, Click on "START".

Step 4
Application Form
Fill the required field in the application

Fill the appropriate information listed on the form carefully. Click Next if you want to navigate or move to the next page or click back if you want to go back to previous page of the application.

Step 5
Choose the desired Program
Choose Program

Select appropriate program that you wish to apply at LU and upload the required documents. Select a program from a  dropdown list that lists all the programs that can be applied to LU. Simply, select the program you wish to apply.

Step 6
Decided to complete later
Save Draft

Save draft allows to save the current state of the application and can be completed later if anyone wishes to complete application later. Simply hit save draft to save the application.

Step 7
Make a Payment

Make a payment for the application fee. The total application fee is shown on the payment part of the application. For an International students, the wire transfer information can be found here.

Step 8
Submit the Application

After successful payment, hit pay & submit to submit the application to Lincoln University Enrollment Team. You will be notified with email about your submission along with the attached completed application.

Step 9
Wait for the appropriate decision
Wait for the Approval Decision

You will be notified for the acceptance or denial or additional documents (if required) at Lincoln University once the review/decision on your application has been made. No further action is required from you at this time.